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Background Checks

Full-service Pre-Employment Background Checks

Make the best hires by knowing more than criminal history. With our pre-employment background checks, employers can get nationwide verification of address history, additional names under which the applicant may have worked, sex offender history, education, work history, credit history, driving history, and more. Don't take chances or be in the dark about the people you bring into your organization. Have the advantage of a full, pre-employment background check.

Services and Prices
Pre-Employment Background Checks

SSN & 7-Year Address History Verification:

$25 per applicant

Federal Criminal Search:

$10 per applicant per name

Sex Offender Search:

$10 per applicant per name

MD State Criminal Search:

$25 per applicant per name

  Package (includes all above):

$50 per applicant/$25 for any additional names   

Out of State Criminal Search: We will search all counties/states the applicant has lived in for the last 7 years. In some states, a statewide database is provided but other states only provide county level databases. In these states, we will search the county record where the applicant has resided.

$25 per applicant per name per county/state

Education Verification: Includes a verification certificate.

$30 per applicant per school

Employment Verification: Up to 5 calls plus 1 e-mail request and follow-up per employer.

$30 per applicant per employer

Credit History:

$35 per applicant

MD Civil Search:

$20 per applicant per name

Out of State Civil Search:

$20 per applicant per name per county

MD MVA Search:

$30 per applicant

Out-of-State Driving Record Search:

$30 per applicant

MD Traffic Court Search:

$25 per applicant per name
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